We have every aspect of your lawn care needs covered

Just because your grass looks flawless doesn't mean the rest of your yard doesn't need some work. You're going to need our landscaping services to ensure the rest of your property is in tiptop shape. We can:

  • Lay fresh mulch in your flower beds
  • Remove dead bushes and trees
  • Fertilize your grass and flowers
  • Sprinkle new grass seed
  • Weed your flower beds
  • Lay sod
You can even rely on us to repair your sprinkler system and install new water lines. Reach out to us for comprehensive landscaping services today.

3 great reasons to sign up for professional lawn care services

Looking for a local lawn care company? Look no further. L&G Enterprise offers reliable landscaping services in Arlington, IN and surrounding areas. We can handle everything from mowing your lawn to edging your landscape beds. Our professional lawn care services can:

1.Save you time, money and stress
2.Keep your lawn looking its best year-round
3.Ensure you're complying with HOA guidelines

Call us now at 765-570-3924 to arrange for weekly or biweekly lawn care services. We'll be happy to answer any questions and give you a free estimate.